Past Events

Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea

Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea. University of East Anglia, Norwich
14-16 June 2017


The Bonds that Unite – Conference Report

A detailed report of the conference ‘The Bonds that Unite’? Historical Perspectives on European Solidarity’, held in Augsburg in June, has been published. To access it, click here.


L’émigration politique en Suisse au XXE Siècle: Pratiques, Réseaux, Résonances

Organisées à Reims les 9 et 10 février 2017, ces deux journées d’études auront pour ambition d’explorer les différentes facettes de l’émigration politique en Suisse au XXe siècle. Même si le phénomène n’a pas constitué la part la plus importante des flux humains dont le pays a été le point d’arrivée, il n’en demeure pas moins […]


Enoncer l’Europe: discours, récits, idées.

Call for papers: Vol 2 (2015) – No 2 – “Enoncer l’Europe: discours, récits, idées”


The Bonds That Unite?

Call for Papers ‘The Bonds That Unite?’ Historical Perspectives on European Solidarity University of Augsburg on June 23-25, 2016   The concept of “solidarity” is in many respects fundamental to the European project. While pro-European intellectuals had long applied it as a more or less abstract reference, the concept evolved into a solid cornerstone of […]


Narrating Europe

Call for Papers   Narrating Europe   Panel/mini-symposium as part of the XXII International Conference of Europeanists Sciences Po – Paris 8-10 July 2015   A.J.P. Taylor once remarked, rather trenchantly, that ‘European history is whatever the historian wants it to be’. He highlighted the difficulties of defining what European history actually is, when it […]


The Great War and the Idea of Europe

International Conference The Great War and the Idea of Europe University College London London, 30 July – 1 August 2014  — Wednesday 30 July SSEES Building 14-16 Taviton Street, London Room 347 9.00 am Registration and Welcoming Remarks Session 1 (9.30 – 11.00) Representing Europe during the Great War Jan Vermeiren (University of East Anglia), […]


Notions of Revolution and Changing Images of Europe

Mini-Symposium at the XX International conference of Europeanists. Amsterdam – 25-27 June 2013
Throughout its intellectual, cultural, social and political history, the notion of ‘revolution’ – in its many, different meanings – has had a fundamental impact on the way Europe imagined and defined itself.


Tolerant Europe: Inclusions, exclusions and minorities and the construction of Europe. 1680-1789

Mini-Symposium at the XX International conference of Europeanists. Amsterdam – 25-27 June 2013
Some of the most important cultural, social and intellectual changes taking place in eighteenth-century Europe are tied to the shift occurring in the notion of ‘tolerance’.


Europe and the discovery of its ‘otherness’

Panel at the XIX International conference of Europeanists Boston – 22-24 March 2012
The discovery of the New World had a momentous impact on the construction and the evolution of Europe’s identity.


The Space of Crisis. Shifting spaces and ideas of Europe: 1914 – 1945

University of Salerno, 14-16 April 2010. Also a panel at the XVIII International Conference of Europeanists, BEI – Barcelona, 20-22 June 2011
In the first half of the Twentieth century the two world wars were interpreted by many as the definitive downfall of Europe.


Europe before the European Community, 1918-1957: Images and Ideas

University College London 11-12 December 2008
The 1920s and 30s were a moment of deep reflection on the identity of Europe.


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