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The Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe is meant to connect researchers, PhD students, professors and all those interested in any aspect related to the history of images, ideas, perceptions of Europe throughout the centuries. The network brings together scholars from several countries and experts of many historical periods. We welcome specialists in intellectual history, art history, history of literature, history of ideas, cultural and social history, political history, visual history, history of international relations – though we are also very interested in including scholars from any other discipline who might be interested in the history of the idea of Europe.

We hope to develop interdisciplinary connections and strengthen existing research and build a global research community in which to share ideas, publications, research project, news about conference and call for papers.

Joining the network is absolutely free. The only duty of each member is to update her/his list of publications and share on the network information on her/his ongoing research.

If you wish to join, please contact us:

Matthew D’Auria (University of Salerno) email

Jan Vermeiren (University of Essex) email

or, alternatively, fill in the following form:

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* Please note that the list of publications is divided into two sections: the first one focuses on the history of the idea of Europe, while the second part lists entries on other topics. For the texts in the first section, we would need 3-4 lines describing the content of the publication itself and 4-5 keywords. Each section should be divided into “books”, “articles in academic journals”, “chapters in books”, “conference proceedings” and, finally, “book reviews”. Works should be listed from the most recent to the oldest.

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