Mediterranean Europe(s) Conference Programme | Naples 4-6 July 2018

Mediterranean Europe(s) Conference Programme – Naples 4-6 July 2018

Mediterranean Europe(s):
Images and Ideas of Europe from the Mediterranean Shores

9th Annual Symposium of the Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe

Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici – Naples
4 5 6 July 2018

Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Prof. Vittorio Dini, Dr. Matthew D’Auria, Dr. Fernanda Gallo

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Wednesday, 4th July

Registration and Welcoming Remarks: 9.30

Panel 1: 10.00 am – 11.30 am – Chair: Matthew D’Auria
Building Bridges between Europe and the Mediterranean
• Florian Greiner (University of Augsburg), Bridging the Mediterranean. The Dream of Eurafrica as a European Idea, c. 1880-1933
• Giuseppe Foscari (University of Salerno), Bridges on the Mediterranean Coasts: the Cartographers of the XVII century. How the historical geography reorganized our knowledge of the Mediterranean Sea • Marzia Maccaferri (Goldsmiths, University of London), Cosmopolitan Islanders: British Marxist Historiography and the Search for Med-Europe(s )
• Peter Pichler (Graz University), ‘Mehr Süden wagen!’ – A German book, Mediterranean values and how both can help us to better understand current European Union’s crisis

Coffee break: 11.30 am – 12.00 am

Panel 2: 12.00 am – 1.15 am – Chair: Fernanda Gallo
Italy and the Mediterranean
• Glauco Schettini (Fordham University), Geographies of Revolution: Rethinking Europe from the Mediterranean Shores in Late Eighteenth-Century Italy
• Joseph Puchner (Columbia University), A Catalan Town in Italy? Alghero between the Italian Risorgimento and the Catalan Renaixença, 1864-1869
• Lucio Valent (University of Milan), Mare Nostrum: Rome and the Mediterranean Civilisation in Egidio Moleti di Sant’Andrea’s Geopolitics

Lunch Break: 1.15 pm – 2.30 pm

Panel 3: 2.30 pm – 3.45 pm – Chair: Gavin Murray-Miller
Narrating France and the Mediterranean – part 1
• Paola Cattani (University of Roma Tre), Europe or Mediterranean? Some hesitations in rethinking Europe and its relationships to the Other during the 1930s in France (Valéry, Audisio, Camus)
• Daniel Rosenberg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Paul Valéry: The Civilization Machine
• Nathalie Roelens (University of Luxembourg), The Mediterranean as the return of the repressed in French Thought (from Valéry to Attali)

Coffee break: 3.45 pm – 4.15 pm

Panel 4: 4.15 pm – 5.30 pm – Chair: Arthur Asseraf
France and the Mediterranean Imaginary in the Long Nineteenth Century
• Gavin Murray-Miller (Cardiff University), The ‘French Mediterranean’ in the Long Nineteenth Century: A Malleable Script for a Universal Nation
• Evgeniya Prusskaya (Russian Academy of Sciences), Whose Shores? The French Imaginary of North Africa during the Egyptian and Algerian Campaigns
• Alexandre Tchoudinov (Russian Academy of Sciences), The Russian Mediterranean Dream in the Context of Bonaparte’s Expedition to Egypt

Keynote Lecture: 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Konstantina Zanou (Columbia University)From Europe to the Mediterranean(s): The Changing Geographies of 19th Century History. A Personal Story

Conference Dinner 8.00 pm

Thursday, 5th July

Panel 5: 9.30 am – 11.00 am – Chair: Georgios Giannakopoulos
Europe, Mediterranean and the East – part 1
• Dan Tamir (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel), Neither a Bridge Nor a Border: Adolf Gurevicz’s Perception of the Mediterranean as a Sphere Uniting East and West
• Rolf Petri (Ca’ Foscari University), ‘There is no God but the true God’: Precocious exercises in Mediterranean Unity
• Felix Wiedemann (Freie Universitaet Berlin), Between Europe and the Orient. How European Race Scientists Classified the Population of the Mediterranean in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries
• David Tal (University of Sussex), Jacqueline Kahanoff and the Demise of the Levantine

Coffee break: 11.00 am – 11.30 am

Panel 6: 11.30 am – 1.00 am – Chair: Florian Greiner
Europe, Mediterranean and the East – part 2
• Eyüp Özveren (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey), Ottoman-Turkish intellectuals caught between Europe and the Mediterranean: Yahya Kemal, Yakup Kadri, and Cevat Şakir
• Ömer Fatih Parlak (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Unified Europe Idea in Historic Games from the Early Modern Period
• Alex Chase-Levenson (University of Pennsylvania), ‘The Chain of the European World’: Views of Europe from the Quarantine Harbor
• Dario Miccoli (Ca’ Foscari University), ‘Europe from afar’: A poetic history of the Jewish Mediterranean

Lunch Break: 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm

Panel 7: 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm – Chair: Peter Pichler
Greece and the Mediterranean world(s)
• Georgios Giannakopoulos (University of the Peloponnese), Monitoring Greece’s Finances: Edward Fitzgerald Law’s imperial universe
• Kate Papari (University of the Peloponnese), Greekness and Germaneness in the Interwar period: An entangled history of the colonization of the past
• Effi Gazi (University of Peloponnese), Indigenous Hellenisms? Anti-westernism, nationalism and the politics of place in early twentieth century Greece
• Nicolas Pitsos (CREE, Paris), ‘The European idea at the ‘house of the risen sun’: Discourses on Mediterranean Europe in Greece during the first half of the 1980s

Coffee break: 4.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Panel 8: 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm – Chair: Federica Frediani
Literary Narratives of Europe and the Mediterranean
• Sara Sermini (University of Lugano), Archipelago. Rethinking Europe from the Islands of Literature
• Cigdem Oguz (Bogazici University – Leiden University), Reading the South Mediterranean through Hemingway
• Cristina Carnemolla (Duke University), De-Provincializing Post-Unitarian Sicily: Re-thinking I Malavoglia through the Southern Thought
• Marek Stanisz (University of Rzeszów), The Myth of the South of Europe in Polish Romantic literature

Keynote Lecture 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Roberto Dainotto (Duke University) – Neapolitan taxi-drivers and Chinese Mandarins: Max Weber’s quest for the Spirit of Capitalism

Friday, 6th July

Panel 9: 9.00 am – 10.15 am – Chair: Roberto Dainotto
Narrating France and the Mediterranean – part 2
• Zina Hajila (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II), Common legal order and multifaceted Europe in Madame de Staël’s works
• Deborah Paci (Ca’ Foscari University), Michel Chevalier and the Saint-Simonian vision of the Mediterranean
• Miriam Begliuomini (University of Turin), ‘A liquid continent with solid boundaries’: Gabriel Audisio’s Mediterranean Sea in the 1930s

Panel 10: 10.15 am – 11.30 am – Chair: Marzia Maccaferri
Disorientations: Trade, Exile and Migration in the Twentieth-century Mediterranean
• Luisa Simonutti (CNR, Milan), Changing Tack. Otherness and Manifold Borders
• Roberto Evangelista (CNR, Naples), Making the Sea a Land. Histories of Laws and Travels
• Federica Frediani (University of Lugano), New Configurations of the Mediterranean and its Narratives
• Pierangelo Castagneto (American University of Bulgaria), Jefferson and the Pirates of the Mediterranean

Coffee break: 11.30 am – 12.00 am

Panel 11: 12.00 am – 13.15 am – Chair: Arthur Asseraf
Decolonization and Economic Integration: Between Europe and Algeria
• Muriam Haleh Davis (University of California, Santa Cruz), Of Merchandise and Men: Algerian Attempts to Standardize the Mediterranean, 1932-1962
• Megan Brown (Swarthmore College, California), Integration, Competition, and the ‘Eurafrican Lake’
• Thomas Serres (University of California, Santa Cruz), Enhancing Algeria’s Human Capital: Between Integration and Securitization

Concluding Remarks: 13.15 – 13.30 am

Rolf Petri (Ca’ Foscari University)

to download the programme, please click here

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