Gavin Murray-Miller

personalphotoGavin Murray-Miller is a lecturer in modern history at Cardiff University. His previous work has examined French republicanism and North African colonialism in the nineteenth century. His current research examines nineteenth-century imperialism, nationality and cosmopolitanism in a comparative European context.




Articles in peer- reviewed journals

“Neither Reformers Nor Réformés: The Construction of French Modernity in the Nineteenth Century.” Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques, 40:3. Fall 2014.

“Imagining The Trans-Mediterranean Republic: Algeria, Republicanism and The Ideological Origins of The French Imperial Nation-State, 1848-1870.” French Historical Studies, vol. 37. Spring 2014.

“A Conflicted Sense of Nationality: Napoleon III’s Arab Kingdom and the Paradoxes of French Multiculturalism.” French Colonial History, vol. 15. April 2014.

“A Narrative of Death and Resurrection: Emplotment and Decadence in Nineteenth-Century French Catholic Ideology”, ARC: The Journal of The Faculty of Religious Studies, vol. 38. 2010.

“In the Land of the Lotus Eaters: Travel Writing and the Ambiguities of Colonial Representation in French Algeria, 1830-1870.” Peer English: The Journal of New Critical Thinking, vol. 3. 2008.

“Beyond Tragedy: NATO’s Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia.” Hindsight, vol. 1. Spring 2007


Chapters in edited volumes

“The Colonial Maghrib, Oriental Flânerie and The Origins of The French Modernist Tradition,” Mediterranean Modernism: Intercultural Exchange and Aesthetic Development, 1880-1945, ed., Adam J. Goldwyn and Renée M. Silverman. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan. Currently in press.

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