Michael Wintle

Michael Wintle studied at Cambridge, Ghent and Hull Universities, and now holds the chair of European History at the University of Amsterdam, where he leads the teaching and research programmes in European Studies. Prior to 2002, he was Professor of European History at the University of Hull, UK, where he had taught since 1980. He is currently working on Eurocentrism, and on Europe’s resilient capacity for reinventing itself in a positive light.


Works focusing on the history of the idea of Europe and on the history of European identity (selection)



  • Michael J. Wintle, The Image of Europe: visualizing Europe in cartography and iconography throughout the ages, Cambridge, Cambridge UP, 2009, Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography, 528 pp., c. 200 ills.

Edited books

  • Michael J. Wintle and Menno Spiering (eds.), European Identity and the Second World War, London, Palgrave Macmillan, March 2011, xvi + 273 pp.
  • Michael J. Wintle (ed.), Imagining Europe: Europe and European civilisation as seen from its margins and by the rest of the world, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Brussels, Peter Lang PIE, 2008, 250 pp.
  • Michael J. Wintle and Menno Spiering (eds.), Ideas of Europe since 1914:  the legacy of the First World War, London, Palgrave, 2002, xiii + 208 pp.
  • Michael J. Wintle and J. Shahin (eds.), The Idea of a United Europe: political, economic and cultural integration since the Fall of the Berlin Wall,London, Macmillan, 2000, xii + 180 pp.
  • Michael J. Wintle (ed.), Culture and Identity in Europe: perceptions of divergence and unity in past and present, Aldershot, Avebury Press, 1996; reprinted 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, ix + 226 pp.



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